Death First - Trapped 7"

Image of Death First - Trapped 7"


New 7" from DEATH FIRST, 300 copies on black vinyl with hand screened covers. Recorded back in september at The Wild Arctic Studios by Dean Baltulonis, mixed by Travis and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in pdx. you can hear the songs here:
1. Fuck Your Art
2. Trapped
3. Country Bleeds
4. Scratch The Surface

MRR Review:
I'd love to be proven wrong, but DEATH FIRST seems to be one of the very few current hardcore bands whose lyrics are unique and actually worth reading and thinking about, as opposed to just an afterthought to fit the music. This time around, Jessy addresses topics including: a significant other threatening suicide as a means of manipulation, the fleeting and insincere outpour of aid that came with 9/11, and the present trend of sketchy punk dudes making reverb-filld music and "offensive" art. Musically, this improves on the NAUSEA/ DETESTATION/ ANTI-PRODUCT- inspired sound of their demo and first 7", and has them shifting slightly in an early '00s melodic crust direction with riffs that are sometimes morose and other times livid, but still keeps all of Dan's great leads (that they can fully play live, with the recent addition of a second guitarist). They also seem to have a knack for matching their lyrics to the feelings conveyed by individual songs, which drives points home even further. This record is well worth your time. (DG)